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In 2015 MSNBC did a revamp on their programming that sharpened their channels image with a dual editorial relationship with NBC News. This new image included a news ticker, new logo with a new graphics package. MSNBC Live who is the platform for daytime news expanded to cover more than 8hours of news per day, delivering breaking news at a real time.

The daytime news is led by Stephanie Ruhle, Brian Williams, Jose Diaz-Balart, Craig Melvin, Andrea Mitchel, Kate Snow, and Thomas Roberts. With this team, they placed a prime-time slot along with another great American news network, which makes it a first for this channel throughout its history.

Watching MSNBC live is as easy as steaming from our tablets, desktops, or phones. You will be able to stream your favorite full-length TV shows wherever you are. You will also be able to view breaking news on politics, business, or international entertainment news.

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MSNBC achieved this great breakthrough by joining strengths with the National Broadcasting Corporation to grow their News empire and achieve a Live Stream of their channel. MSNBC then broadened its horizons to other countries that include South Africa, Canada, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

MSNBC Canada concentrated on a more Canadian local news production, which was short, lived when they switched over to the American News production in 2004. This programming includes the Cable Public Affairs Channel that made sure that some Canadian content was included, and CBC that all fell under MSNBC programs.
MSNBC Africa was free to view on satellite on the free2View television stations. Botswana broadcaster, BTV, enables other African countries to view an unedited broadcast of MSNBC as well as South Africa that broadcasts on DSTV.

In the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Turkey and Asia, MSNBC is not shown on a dedicated channel but can be freely streamed throughout the globe on MSNBC Online without delays.

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